Wordfast Server

  • Increased Productivity
    With Wordfast Server, internal and external resources are able to connect simultaneously to one or more translation memories, decreasing the amount of new content that needs to be translated and eliminating the need to align TMs at the end of a project.
  • Reduced Costs
    Sharing TM assets in real-time allows for maximum content re-use, which results in savings of 20% to 30% over desktop TM alone.
  • Improved Consistency
    Real-time access to both translation memories and glossaries ensures that all translators across your organization are using the most up-to-date translated content, thereby greatly improving the consistency of your translations.
  • Increased Control
    Wordfast Server's intuitive permission-based management system enables project managers and administrators to easily assign, modify, or remove rights of project participants.
  • High-Speed Performance and Scalability                    
    Wordfast Server offers the fastest search results in the industry and accommodates thousands of simultaneous users and millions of TM assets.
  • System Requirements
    Windows 2000 and higher (including Windows Server)
    Both 32-bit or 64-bit editions
    Over 2 GB of RAM
    Internet Connection with Fixed IP Address
    No Database Software Required
  • TM Specifications
    Supports TMs in TMX or Wordfast TM(txt) format
    Stores up to 1 billion TUs per TM
    Leverages up to 1,000 TMs simultaneously
    Serves up to 5,000 end users simultaneously
  • Glossary Specifications
    Supports glossaries in Wordfast glossary (txt) format
    Leverages up to 1,000 glossaries simultaneously
    Stores up to 250,000 entries per glossary
  • Price
    Pricing is based on concurrently connecting users and starts at approximately €111 per month. For a quote, please click here.

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Wordfast Server is not available for mobile decives.