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26 February 2010


WASHINGTON, DC & PARIS, February 26, 2010

News Facts

  • The Basque Institute of Public Administration (IVAP) has selected Wordfast as its Translation Memory tool of choice.

  • The government organization maintains a large team of in-house translators and editors across several departments who collectively localize approximately 10 million words per year.

  • IVAP uses Wordfast to translate a wide variety of content ranging from ordinances, decrees, and contracts to promotional material, press releases, and websites.

  • IVAP selected Wordfast after an extensive trial period in which they tested the software on a wide variety of file formats. The organization has also contracted Wordfast for training services in conjunction with the deployment.

Supporting Quote

Enero Oregi Goñi, the head of the Basque government’s official translation department, stated, “We selected Wordfast because it’s the most user-friendly and intuitive tool on the market. With a team of over 50 language professionals made up of translators, editors, terminologists, project managers and IT specialists, it was essential for us to select a tool that would help us minimize deployment times. We are excited about the savings we will generate and productivity gains that we will achieve using Wordfast.”

Supporting Resources

  • Wordfast Translation Studio is comprised of two industry leading technologies that support end users: Wordfast Pro and Wordfast Classic. For more information about Wordfast Classic, the industry’s #1 Microsoft Word-based TM tool: http://www.wordfast.com/products_wordfast.html
  • For more information about Wordfast Pro, the next-generation, platform-independent TM system: http://www.wordfast.com/products_wordfast_pro.html

  • Wordfast also markets server products that address translation efficiency at the enterprise level. For more information about Wordfast Server: http://www.wordfast.com/products_wordfast_server.html

About Wordfast

Wordfast LLC is the world's second largest provider of translation memory software solutions. The company currently has over 15,000 active customer deployments in the marketplace. Driven primarily by the positive reviews of users and industry experts, Wordfast's client base has grown to include the United Nations, NASA, McGraw-Hill, Nomura Securities, a wide array of educational institutions, and thousands of freelance linguists. For more information, please visit www.wordfast.com.

About IVAP

The Basque Institute for Public Administration (IVAP)is an Autonomous Administrative Body of the Basque Government made up of three divisions: the General Secretariat, the Human Services Section, and the Basque Language Section. IVAP carries out a wide array of tasks for the various Basque Authorities; among them is official translation between Basque and Spanish, the two official languages of the Autonomous Community of Basque Country. For more information, please visit http://www.ivap.euskadi.net/r61-2362/es/.