Wordfast Anywhere

Breaking News: Wordfast Anywhere (WFA) to become commercial software on January 1, 2023.

WFA was operated as a totally free, public utility for 12 years from 2010 until 2022. We take great pride in having served the translation community during that period. Scroll further down to see the introduction to WFA that dates back to 2010.

WFA will be commercially available on January 1, 2023, for a modest fee of $9.90/month that makes it far more affordable than any CAT tool with a comparable set of features. The limits per account will be raised to 10 simultaneous projects, with up to 50 simultaneous documents per project.

If you already have a valid license for one of our other products (Wordfast Classic, Wordfast Pro, or Wordfast Studio):

  • You will have free access to Wordfast Anywhere after January 1, 2023, during the validity period of your other Wordfast product.
    To access WFA, simply sign in at wordfast.com/myaccount.


If you have a free account at WFA and intend to buy WFA credits:

  • Visit our Buy page, select then buy the WFA intorductory offer at $1. That will create your new, paid WFA account at www.wordfast.com. Use the same email address as your existing free (freeTM.com) account. Note that your email address can be changed at either wwww.freeTM.com, or www.wordfast.com.
  • Once your paid account is created, you will receive credentials to sign in at wordfast.com/myaccount and manage your WFA account there.
  • To buy more monthly credits after the trial period, sign in to your paid WFA account, and select “Renew.” You will be able to purchase credit for 1 to 12 months at $9.90/month, with discounts available for periods longer than 3 months. Wordfast's tradition of offering a 50% discount to developing economies also applies.
  • It will be possible to leave your WFA account dormant (unpaid) and resume buying credit at any time. Just note that the shortest credit period period is a calendar month.


If you have a free account at WFA and do not intend to pay for WFA:

  • From January 1, 2023, you will be able to log in in “download only” mode at freeTM.com until July 1, 2023. You will not be able to upload new assets (documents, translation memories, glossaries). Use that period to finalize any remaining document(s), and download your assets.
  • After that date, those assets will be deleted, unless you have already closed your account.
    Note that we do not archive, cache, re-use, share, sell, or monetize your data in any way. After deletion, there will not be no way to get them back.
    In short, your data is yours and yours only. That has been our unbroken policy since 2010.




Wordfast Anywhere (presentation dated 2010)


huge, shared, confidential translation memory - same with terminology - unlimited machine translation - nothing to install - nothing to pay - real confidentiality - workgroup-enabled - true ubiquity - from one to a million pages - spare me the hype... let me try!

Wordfast Anywhere is a demonstration of the ultimate online Translation Tool. It is made available to all translators (not just Wordfast users) for free, yet offers true confidentiality. Yes - you can use WF Anywhere for work and production. Wordfast Anywhere offers unlimited private Translation Memory + private Terminology + optional public TM + optional Machine Translation. The confidentiality of your data (documents, TM, terminology) is total and uncompromising: it's not shared (unless you decide to share data with selected colleagues), it's not disclosed or recyled in any way. And there's no advertizing to distract you. (proprietary encryption is used at this time for better speed; SSL is due in a month)

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Do I need to pay? A: No. It's free, no strings attached, no covert scheme. No advertizing.
Q: What details must I provide to register? A: Provide an email address, choose a password. We don't want to know anything else. No forms, no surveys, no credit cards.
Q: OK. That tool must be slow, inefficient, awkward... A: Nope. It's just as good as all translation tools out there, and much better in our view. Plus, there's an option to tap into a huge reservoir of public-domain translations (the VLTM).
Q: So, it's a connected tool. What do I lose if there's a connection loss? A: At most, the one sentence you were translating. With an old-fashioned translation tool installed in a local PC, if the PC breaks down, you can lose everything at worse, hours of work at best. With Wordfast Anywhere, you're safe.
Q: What about confidentiality? A: Your documents, TMs and glossaries are and remain confidential at all times - period. They will never be disclosed to any third party. The optional VLTM (a Very Large TM we created from public-domain data) is a give-only, read-only project that strictly protects confidentiality.
Q: Some LSPs peddle a similar technology at harrowing costs... They prey on CTOs/CCOs that need a techno smokescreen at board meetings to justify budgets.
Q: And... again, sorry. Is this really free? A: Yep. Ready?.. Click here to launch Wordfast Anywhere