Wordfast Forward User Conference

Wordfast Forward in Nice, France

What is it?

Join users, developers, trainers, staff, and tech support for Wordfast’s user conference. The conference program features two full-days of training on Wordfast's entire product suite, other software integration sessions, keynote speeches, round-table discussions, and more. The evenings will be spent discovering traditional local food and nightlife.


The 2016 edition of Wordfast Forward will take place in Nice on April 28-30, 2016. Join the Facebook event for all the latest updates.


See what participants at the last event in Riga have to say about the experience…
“It was good to meet the people who develop the product and talk with them in an informal atmosphere where even we the not so technical people could ask questions and get specific answers.”
“Great atmosphere, direct contact with Wordfast staff, possibility to get to know new wonderful people with same interests, direct information about Wordfast functions and future.”
“It was different from other translation conferences, smaller, friendlier and the venue was just fantastic.”
“Excellent networking opportunity, exchange of tips to improve performance.”
“You guys created a highly collaborative atmosphere that encouraged everyone to be engaged. I really liked the fact that instructors felt comfortable asking users for their input/suggestions when they hit a spot that they themselves struggled with. As a mid-range (neither beginner nor advanced) Wordfast user, the level of information provided at each workshop seemed appropriate - for me. The instructors were very good at calibrating in mid-session to accommodate different user levels and at cultivating a comfortable, inclusive environment - that spilled over into the social program (social programs always yield more when the sessions work well). In general, I found the level of knowledge-sharing to be quite high, and I returned feeling excited about implementing the various tricks and tools I was exposed to. Now I just have to make the time....;-)”  
“Everything was very well organised, and it was wonderful to meet fellow Wordfasters and to listen to what they had to say… All-in-all a very positive experience.”
“It is a great opportunity to meet other people doing the same thing, and also to learn a trick or two of which you might not be aware.”
“It's a good opportunity to meet and interact with the developers as well as for networking and getting insightful comments and tips from people who have the same profession as you and use the same tool(s) to translate, sometimes in a very different way.”
“I always felt that I wasn't really using Wordfast optimally but didn’t make time to look into it properly. Having a whole weekend of sessions makes you get down to it and also inspired me to keep my knowledge more up to date in future.”
“Attending the conference was really positive both in terms of networking and in finding out more about the software itself. I very much appreciated being able to exchange with the developers, ask for improvements or changes and learn new tips. As a freelance translator, it made me feel much less alone and more part of a friendly, lively community!”