Wordfast supports language and translation education, which are known to broaden people's minds and foster peace and understanding among people. Learning/Humanitarian Institutions can qualify for free licenses under the following conditions:

  1. The institution is duly registered as such (it has a legal University/Institute/NGO... status) and its object is the either the teaching of translation or localization skills, or a charitable, humanitarian cause. See restrictions at the bottom of the page for NGOs.
  2. Licenses are used only for learning or humanitarian purposes.

How to proceed. Choose at least one of the following methods:

  1. Look at, check whether there is a Wordfast page in your language. If not, create one in your language, using this wikipedia page as a model (you can adapt the content; just make sure the essentials are there, with all links and references). Let us know when it's done: you've earned free licenses for your institution.
  2. Add a "Credit" mention in your institution's website that says you use Wordfast. The page should be accessible without login/password. Here is a typical HTML code which you can copy-paste:

        * Educational
    Credit line

    Our curriculum includes a practice of Wordfast translation tools, courtesy of Wordfast LLC and Yves Champollion.

    HTML code

    Our curriculum includes a practice of <a href="">Wordfast </a> translation tools, courtesy of Wordfast LLC and <a href="">Yves Champollion</a>.

    * Humanitarian
    Credit line

    Our organization uses Wordfast technology for its translation needs, courtesy of Wordfast LLC and Yves Champollion.

    HTML code

    Our organization uses&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Wordfast</a>&nbsp;technology for its translation needs, courtesy of Wordfast LLC and <a class="wflink" href="" target="_blank">Yves Champollion</a>.

    If you wish to display the Wordfast logo on your website, you can download it here.

  3. As an alternative, a request for gratuity can be addressed by regular mail to:
       44 Rue Danton
       94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, FRANCE

    * No registered mail please, only regular postage. Include a return email address so we can contact you immediately.

    The request must be on official letterhead with seal or stamp, be signed by an executive (Professor, Dean, Director, etc.). The letter should give an approximate number of licenses required. The letter must allow Mr. Yves Champollion to mention, as done in the Wordfast website and/or literature, that said learning institution is using Wordfast (a logo and/or a link to the institution’s website may be used).

NGOs and Humanitarian Organizations: note that gratuity does not apply to all "non-profit organizations" (like associations, religious or cultural concerns, local government, etc.) but specifically to humanitarian NGOs, duly registered as such.

Further inquiries: write to us.