Known Issues


Wordfast 4.9.0

• Wordfast cannot be run on a 2nd monitor using a Surface Pro

• Copying and pasting text from TXLF editor segments when “Show Whitespace Characters” will add whitespace tags to the pasted text


Wordfast Pro 3.4.10

All versions

  • Pseudo translate conversion does not work on PDF files
  • TM admin does not replace every instance in TM
  • Custom segmentation may not work as expected
  • Changing Shortcut Keys Scheme does not populate bindings



  • RTL issues with TM Lookup
  • Aligner not OSX compatible
  • PDF filter does not work on OSX
  • Word Spellchecker not compatible with OSX versions of Word
  • CMD +Tab shortcut does not work because of OSX OS priority
  • Drag and Drop of text in target segment crashes application for some OSX versions



  • Does not support adding word to spell-check dictionary