Wordfast Releases Wordfast Pro 4.9

New York & Paris, September 9, 2016

Wordfast LLC, the world’s #1 provider of platform-independent translation memory technology, releases an update to their standalone TM tool Wordfast Pro 4. This new release – Wordfast Pro 4.9 – includes several new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Download the latest version today from our download page.

New Features
• Added ability to connect to Wordfast Server for remote terminology
• Added Hunspell Dictionary for Thai
• Added Hunspell Dictionary for Turkish
• Chain multiple files into a single file
• Moved More Options TM Lookup to the immediate left of Find Source
• Added Chain Files shortcut key to Shortcut Preferences
• Changed Transcheck Warning pop-up message to be clearer when reporting an issue
• Added the option to ignore alphanumeric codes during the Copy Source Check in Transcheck
• Added shortcut key in Shortcut Preferences to navigate between open files (unbound)
• Changed label from “Keys” to “Shortcuts" throughout
• Moved Project Cleanup icon to the right on Project Files tab
• Updated Segment Changes report
Fixed Issues
• Issue causing slowness in the editor when Show Whitespace is enabled
• Issue where Cleanup could be performed without a Cleanup password
• Issue where Replace All did not change the status of a segment to Modified
• Issue where Transcheck Report sometimes opens with a 500 error
• Issue where certain DOCX Word files could not be converted to TXLF files
• Issue causing TM Lookup and Term Lookup panes to disappear when large Microsoft Windows text scaling is set
• Issue causing update reminder to fail
• Issue that made application unresponsive when clicking in Google Translate links
• Issue causing application to not find its license file
• Issue where last word in a segment is showing up as misspelled even though it was corrected
• Issue where Spellcheck jumps to the beginning of the document before pop-up response
• Issue causing Auto-Propagation to work incorrectly for merged segments
• Issue causing Transcheck to fail on chained files
• Issue causing the application to freeze when filtering chained file segments
• Issue causing the last modified segment action to fail on chained files
• Issue where term description was not included in a glossary exported as TBX
• Issue causing GLTM connection to disconnect after opening several segments quickly
• Issue where an attribute was added by Cleanup when Add Attribute was unchecked
• Issue preventing a user from pasting text in other dialogs when focus was on a locked segment
• Issue of not requiring user name and password when connecting to remote glossaries
• Issues of various user interface glitches
• Issue of unclear cause indication and explanation for Whitespace in Transcheck