Wordfast Anywhere

A FREE online translation memory tool that allows translators to work on projects from anywhere they have a web browser, including desktops, laptops, PDAs, smartphones and tablets. All data remains completely confidential in the users a private, password protected workspace.

Wordfast Pro

A platform-independent translation memory tool designed for translators, LSPs and corporations alike. WFP’s standalone environment allows for high-speed batch processing as well as the ability to translate a wide variety of file formats. WFP also offers powerful tools to handle complex project management tasks.

Wordfast Classic

An MS Word-based translation memory tool designed for translators who wish to work on projects quickly and efficiently directly inside of MS Word.

Wordfast Translation Studio

A software bundle which gives users access to two industry-leading translation memory tools for one low price – Wordfast Classic, the #1 MS Word-based TM tool and Wordfast Pro, the leading standalone, multi-platform TM tool.

Wordfast Server

A secure TM server application which enables companies to share translation memories in real-time across their organization with translators located anywhere in the world. To connect to the TMs hosted on Wordfast Server, translators are required to have a Wordfast Pro or Wordfast Classic license or a FREE Wordfast Anywhere account.