Solutions for Educational Institutions

Wordfast is proud to provide our translation memory software for free to over 100 universities and educational institutions worldwide. Our cross-platform compatibility, intuitive user-interface, and quick deployment make Wordfast the ideal product for a learning environment.
Wordfast offers gratuity licenses for educational institutions in order to give students the resources and skills they need to pursue a career in the translation field.
What are the benefits while studying?
 • Gratuity licenses for computers located in university labs
 • Gratuity licenses for students’ personal laptops
 • Special pricing for our powerful TM server enterprise solution
What are the benefits upon graduation?
 • $90 for a special recent graduate license*
 • $230 to renew a recent graduate license for 36 months
Check out this brochure for more details. Is your academic institution already on board? If not, contact us today.
Jacqueline Skewes

“I don’t have the words to express how pleased I am with this partnership, and feel very lucky to have Wordfast being so kind and generous. Now it’s just up to me to deliver on it!”

– Jacqueline Skewes, RMIT Australia

Dr. Looi Wai Ling

The University of Malaya would like to express its sincere graditude to Mr. Yves Champollion for providing free Wordfast software to its students to enable them to learn about Translation Memory (TM). Since the University of Malaya was granted free access in 2015, 110 undergraduate and postgraduate students have benefited from learning the concepts and processes behind TM technology. This exposure has certainly provided an important additional skill to those who have future plans to be involved in professional translation work…

– Dr. Looi Wai Ling, University of Malaya

Sabine Lauffer

“I started teaching Wordfast Pro in our Translation and Localization Tools course in 2018. It has been a great success! The software is intuitive and easy to use. It allows the students to gain important technology skills necessary for their work as future translators. In addition to offering generous licensing options, the staff at Wordfast are always friendly, helpful and quick to respond. I look forward to continuing our incredible partnership.

– Sabine Lauffer 

Glendon School of Translation, York University

*Recent graduate licenses offer access to hotline support, all upgrades, and are valid for 12 months.